Guest Portal Solutions offer access to Public WiFi that requires visitors to perform actions to authenticate themselves. Our Guest portal solutions are provided at public venues such as Airports, Retailers, Hospitality, Food & Beverage, malls, or any other space where a user is required to log into a free guest WiFi service. Our system is built on advanced, enterprise level platform which helps in gaining actionable insights into who your customers are and what their behavior is by offering captive portal based login options. Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence ensures network assurance through real-time optimization of connectivity, data rates & network security An arena to monetize the Guest WiFi by provisioning ads that are highly contextualized and scheduled.



PROXIMITY CAMPAIGN MANAGEMENT SOLUTION Running a marketing campaign is a strenuous task without a flexible and scalable solution. Our proximity based campaign management solution provides you the flexibility in running a marketing campaign by providing you a user friendly and highly advanced platform. Our Solution applies technology to ease strategy implementation that allows building and growing the effects of your campaign. Context-based campaign platform ensures the information is present to the targeted demography. We offer flexibility to present your campaignsthrough public accessible technologies such are Captive Portals, Digital Signage Our real time platforms ensure engaging with your customers at a personal level.